Angelwax AIO Ceramic Compound 1 Litre


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The Latest masterpiece creation from the Angelwax Lab.
Angelwax Enigma AIO, Ceramic Infused “ALL In ONE” Hybrid Compound, is suitable for all paint types.

This intensive hybrid surface corrective polish has been formulated to correct medium to heavy scratches, swirls marks, paint defects imperfections and 2500+ sanding marks. Once the process has been completed our unique nano ceramic infused coating forms a layer of true protection and amazing level of gloss over the treated area resulting in a durable protection layer of 3+ Months


High Gloss
Ultimate One Step
Polish and Protect
Our Angelwax Enigma Ceramic Infused All in one (AIO) compound is just that, an amazing complex medium grade correction product that has the ability to remove swirls, light scratches and defects and at the same time finishing down to produce a flawless high gloss finish that will rival a lot of dedicated finishing polishes.

Incorporating the same complex nano ceramic molecules as our Highly acclaimed Enigma Range this AIO has been designed and formulated to offer outstanding durability paired with an uncompromising high gloss finish and long lasting protection against the elements

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