Angelwax Angelwash Shampoo 500ml


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Self Drying Shampoo

Angelwash Shampoo is an automotive shampoo which is able to sheet the water of the car when rinsed. Angelwash removes dirt quickly and safely while it’s self drying effect reduces drying time dramatically.

After rinsing, water will evaporate evenly from the bodywork instead of sitting and pooling.

This pH neutral formulation is completely safe for your paintwork and waxes. Angelwash helps break the bond of dirt to paintwork, lifting, lubricating and encapsulating the dirt to minimise the possibility of scratching.

The lush foam created gently cleans delicate clear coat finishes without scratching,leaving a high gloss surface after rinsing.



Add two capfuls of Angelwash Shampoo to a bucket of clean, warm water and mix to create a lather.

We recommend the use of a car wash mitt rather than a sponge and a Grit Guard to further reduce the likelihood of scratching the paintwork.

After carefully washing the vehicle, rinse very thoroughly.

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