Angelwax Dark Star Atomic Graphene QED 500ml


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Atomic QED  from Angelwax is a state-of-the-art graphene detailer spray that has been formulated to create an extremely slippery and very durable protective layer on the surface of your vehicle.

The slippery & repellent effect of the graph also helps to prevent dirt from getting stuck in the treated areas of the vehicle.

Atomic QED is used as a standalone product but has also been developed to be the perfect maintenance product for Angelwax NEBULA  graphene / ceramic coating as well as other Angelwax protection as well as other ceramic & graphene protection. on the market

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms, and its properties derive from its unusual structure where carbon atoms are bound in a hexagon pattern, like a fullerene in atomic scale! These bindings float halfway between single and double bonds, this makes them so strong that it is almost impossible to make a variation in the pattern.

The beauty of graphene is its versatility as it is suitable for a myriad of applications, which is why Angelwax uses graphene in every product within the Dark Star product series.

Instructions: Install  the supplied spray nozzle and shake the bottle well before use.

Make sure that the surface to be treated is clean, cool and dry / wet. Never apply Atomic QED  in hot sunlight!

When the vehicle is free of dirt and other contaminants, apply Atomic QED to a clean, dry microfiber cloth or spray directly onto the panel. Apply on one panel at a time and wipe until you achieve a high-gloss finish with a separate clean & dry polishing towel of high quality.
Can be applied on both dry and wet surfaces.

Use Atomic QED after each wash to build up the graphene layers on the surface. As with all Angelwax products, Atomic QED Ceramic Detailing Spray has been thoroughly tested in our laboratory and by the best detailers in the industry to ensure that we have formulated another perfect product for your vehicle.