Angelwax Enigma Elixir Ceramic Tyre Dressing


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Angelwax Enigma Elixir, Ceramic Tyre Dressing has been formulated using the latest ceramic technology. Enigma Elixir is a highly durable tyre dressing
and when applied to its surface it will bond to form a waterproof coating.

This air cured ceramic formula has outstanding durability that will last for weeks rather than days and has been designed to repel dirt and water from the sidewall of the tyres so that they maintain a freshly detailed, factory appearance. Unlike some tyre dressings, Enigma Elixir will not make your wheels dirty or ‘sling’ onto the bodywork.

Angelwax Enigma Elixir forms part of the unique range of ceramic detailing products designed to deliver outstanding durability and performance.

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Weight.55 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 20 cm