Buff and Shine Blue Uro-Tec Heavy Cutting Pad for Long Throw DA


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Coarse Cutting Pad

The Extremely aggressive foam of the blue cutting pad will surprise you with it’s immense cutting ability. On light coloured hard paint systems it can be used with a one step polish. For darker coloured or soft paint finishes follow with a yellow or white pad.

The Buff and Shine Uro-Tec range is specifically designed for long throw / long stroke dual action polishers and perfectly suits your Flex XFE 7-15 OR Rupes DA polisher.

Uro-Tec pads are made with high-quality reticulated (open cell) euro foam of a higher density that will reduce the pad softening that some technicians have experienced during heavy use with these machines.  This is because the open cell construction helps to disperse heat during use.


The center hole of the Uro-Tec pads also helps with pad heat by providing a cooling chamber for excess heat to escape while the pad is working on the surface.  The heat travels up the center hole and then dissipates into the open cells of the foam.  This heat transfer action allows longer working time.  The center hole of the pads can also help with visually aligning the pad onto backing plates that have a similar center hole.


By nature of their manufacture, all Uro-Tec foam pads have supreme tear resistance.  You will find that these pads last longer than other pads you might have used.  And, of course, because Buff and Shine’s uses only high-performance adhesives, separation of the foam from the hook-and-loop backing material is not likely, even with extended use and multiple washings.


The dimensions of the Uro-Tec pads are designed to maximize buffing and polishing efficiency.  The backing diameter is 5″ to fit perfectly onto long-stroke DA polishers.  The 1″ pad thickness provides a perfect balance between stiffness, providing consistent contact across the pad face with larger flat panels, and flexibility, allowing the technician to maneuver the pad into body contours.  Because of their beveled design, the working area is actually 1″ larger in diameter than the base and thus provides a larger working area than a squared-off design.


Buff and Shine’s Uro-Tec Foam Pads come in four grades to cater to virtually any paint condition, any paint perfecting chemical, and any technician’s preferences.  The Blue pad is for compounding and heavy cutting to remove heavy paint defects.  Burgundy is designed to provide medium cutting ability and can be used for heavy polishing.  Yellow is used for general-purpose polishing to remove minor paint imperfections.  White is used for final finishing as well as application of wax or sealant.


7″ Pad to suit 6″ Backing Plate

6″ Pad to suit 5″ Backing Plate

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Buff and Shine Blue Heavy Cutting Pad for Long Throw DA

7" Pad, 6'' Pad, 3" Twin Pack