DC HP Foam Lance


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HP Foam Lance

Our high quality HP Foam lance is designed to create a thick blanket of foam when used with a pressure cleaner and a suitable foaming shampoo or snow foam.

As a pre wash tool this the most effective method of reducing damage to paintwork caused when scrubbing excessive amounts of dirt and grit with sponges or mitt. Pre washing with a foam greatly reduces the likelihood of inflicting washing marks into the paintwork.

The HP Foam Lance connects to most popular pressure cleaner guns and has adjustment for both dilution and spray pattern.

When used with a suitable foaming shampoo or snow foam such as Angelwax Fastfoam the thick clingy foam will help soften and encapsulate the majority of gritty dirt which can then be rinsed off with the pressure cleaner before the normal washing process.

After rinsing the foam off the vehicle, wash the car as normal with a bucket and wash mitt to remove remaining dirt and traffic film.


Max Pressure. 2800 PSI
Max Temp. 60°C
Max Flow Rate. 20L/min

Available Fittings: Please select the correct adaptor for your pressure cleaner.

Karcher K series Bayonet Style
Karcher HDS Commercial M22 screw fitting
Gerni Quick swap bayonet style
Kew, Alto
AR Blue Clean

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 30 cm
Please select the correct adaptor for your machine

Karcher HDS Commercial M22 Screw Fitting, Karcher K-Series Bayonet fitting, Gerni Quick Swap Bayonet Style, Kew Alto, Lavor, Bosch, Quick Connect, AR Blue Clean