Deluxe Fluffy Microfibre Wash Mitt


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Deluxe Fluffy Microfibre Wash Mitt

Our  super absorbent Deluxe Fluffy Microfibre Wash Mitt holds more wash product giving you better surface lubrication which provides a safer wash.

The new centre stitched design helps prevent tired fingers or cramps while improving user control. A premium cuff and inner fabric design holds your hand firmly within the wash mitt making it harder for it to fall off while in use.

Manufactured in South Korea from the highest quality microfiber. Our mitt is able to trap more dirt without dragging it along the paint surface. Providing a safer and scratch free wash.

Made from high quality microfiber, the wash mitt is also machine washable.

Always use together with a bucket of clean water and a car shampoo such as Angelwax Superior Shampoo. A Grit Guard is also recommended for the best results.


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