Paragon Microfibre Edgeless Plush Towel 500gsm 40x40cm Brown


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Paragon Microfibre Edgeless Plush Towel

This is a great all round detailing towel. With a 500GSM weight this microfibre edgeless towel has long plush strands making it a great polishing and detailing towel. The long strands allow the towel to easily lift and collect particles for safe product removal and easy cleaning.

The perfect towel for removing waxes, sealants, water-less washing products or to use as a final buffing towel.


500GSM Cloths

The ideal cloth used dry for polish removal.

When removing dust a static charge is created as the cloth moves over the surface attracting dust to the cloth which then ‘holds’ the dust.

You can also remove heavier soiling with a damp or wet cloth from most hard surfaces. Once the cloth is dirty wash out or use a new clean cloth.

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