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At Professional Detailing Products our car care range will not only make cleaning your car easier and more enjoyable but will also provide outstanding results. We have everything from washing shampoos to waxes, leather care products and tyre dressings including the full range of Angelwax car care products. Accessories such as applicators, foam guns, Grit Guards and microfiber cloths.

Superb quality products combined with experienced friendly advice makes Professional Detailing Products your one stop shop for car care products in Perth.



Angelwax Guardian Wax at Professional Detailing Products. Find all your Car Care Products and Car Detailing Products in Perth Western Australia




Value for Money

Our high quality car detailing products offer excellent value for money. While creating outstanding results they are easy to use and help you maintain your car in top condition.

With the latest finishes on todays modern vehicles, using the correct exterior products will also give you piece of mind. PH neutral shampoos and non corrosive wheel cleaners will ensure you don’t damage your car’s delicate finishes while cleaning.

Our polishing and protection range includes hand applied as well as machine applied polishes. Angelwax waxes not only provide excellent gloss and protection they are also a pleasure to use.

Having the correct car detailing products for interior detailing is just as important. High quality plastic dressings, fabric cleaners and treatments for cleaning and protection of interior surfaces. PH neutral leather cleaners and leather conditioners which moisturise the leather ensure your leather trim maintains it’s natural appearance.

We also have a good selection of microfiber cloths, wash mitts, and applicators to make cleaning and looking after your car a breeze.



Angelwax Car Care Products and Professional Car Detailing Products in Perth Western Australia



World Class Car Detailing Products

Our comprehensive range of detailing products includes Angelwax, Big Boi, and Paragon Mcrofibre. We also stock a variety of detailing accessories such as wheel woolies, grit guards, foam lances and more.

All of our stocked products are available on line and at our Bibra Lake workshop (please call ahead if visiting workshop)

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