HD Closed Cell Red Foam Applicator Pad


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HD Closed Cell Foam Applicator Pad Red

When applying last step products like wax or sealants it’s important to not cause damage or marring to your freshly polished paintwork. HD Closed Cell Red Foam Applicator Pads are the choice of professional detailers and enthusiasts alike. Unlike applicator pads which have a pressed edge, HD Applicator Pads have a “rolled edge” design which will not cause marring or damage during use. Their exclusive closed cell design has microscopic pockets which allow the product to capsulate within the outer layer, minimising pad saturation. Liquids remain on the outside of the pad rather than being absorbed into it meaning less product is wasted.

HD Closed Cell Pads are fully machine washable.

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Weight.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 3 cm