Angelwax Clarity 1L


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Super Concentrated Screen Wash, perfect addition for use with Angelwax H2GO Superior Rain Repellant.

Angelwax Clarity Super Concentrated Screen Wash is designed to use in every season to easily remove bird lime, insects, traffic film and other dirt from your windows. It also provides a layer of hydrophobic protection that helps you stay safe.

Angelwax Clarity is our ‘Super Concentrated Screen Wash’ and has been specially formulated for use in the screen wash reservoir of your vehicle.

Our unique formulation is suitable for all year round use and easily removes bird lime, insects, traffic film and other fallout associated with daily driving, ensuring a safe, clear view of the road ahead. Simply dilute according to the climate & weather conditions and Angelwax Clarity will clean and protect your windscreen by adding a hydrophobic coating to the glass.

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