Angelwax Uber Lube Clay Lubricant 500ml


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Angelwax Uber Lube

Developed as a clay lubricant, Angelwax Uber Lube provides the ultra slick lubricated surface required when using a clay bar or synthetic poly clay.

Suitable for all types of clay bar

The blend of lubricants and wetting agents works well with traditional clay bars and the newer synthetic clays.

Ultra slick clay bar lubrication

Uber Lube creates an ultra-slick lubricated surface on which clay glides easily and safely. This is essential when using any type of clay bar or synthetic poly clay.


Car paintwork treated with a clay bar and suitable lubricant provides a super smooth finish. Contamination and in grained dirt which is not usually removed by washing is removed providing an excellent foundation for subsequent polishing and waxing.

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